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BOS Science’s One Year Anniversary!

July 28, 2021

Get your party favors and balloons out, because it’s time to celebrate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of BOS Science!! Can you believe we made it through 365 whole days without giving up? (I can’t). It’s been a wild ride this first year, but not even a global pandemic could stop us from learning about some boss @$$ science!

In today’s episode, we are going to take a little walk down memory lane and listen back to some of my favorite moments from the show; like learning about multi material functional fibers that can be used to create fabric computers; or hearing how bacteria are used to create killer nanoparticles that can battle infections; and figuring out how ultrasound technology has been used to fight cancer, deliver drugs to the brain, and even create snapshots of the body!

Want to congratulate BOS Science on making it this far but don’t know how? Don’t worry, I have the perfect gift idea; you can donate to the brand new BOS Science Patreon! For as little as $1 a month, you can help support the show and allow me to make this podcast even better than it already is. With your donation, you have the chance to get all sorts of goodies in return, like blooper reels, behind the scene photos, extra interview content, and even a personalized gift! Every donation helps the show grow, and it helps remind me why I do all this (for you, the listener!)


Episode 1: The Fabulous World of Functional Fibers, featuring Prof. Yoel Fink, Dr. Tural Khudiyev, Gabriel Loke, and Juliette Alain.

Episode 2, Pt 1: Nature meets Nanomedicine, featuring David Medina

Episode 2, Pt 2: Nature meets Nanomedicine, featuring Prof. Thomas Webster

Episode 3: It’s not Sci-Fi, it’s Ultrasound!, featuring Prof. Tyrone Porter and Dr. Chenguang Peng

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