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Episode 1: The Fabulous World of Functional Fibers

April 30, 2020

For many people, fashion is everything (I'm looking at you Kim K.) But what if the worlds of fashion and function could collide? What if we could have clothes that could record music, charge our phones, or even emit light?

It's not a dream, it's a soon to be reality, all with the help of functional fibers! In today's episode, I talk to MIT Professor Yoel Fink and a few of his lab members to learn how they are working on creating fibers that can one day replace the devices that surround us. These wicked smaht scientists have created fibers that can do all sorts of crazy things; emit and detect light, control and release drugs, and even lift weights (that's more than can be said for me)!

These "tech'd" out and decked out threads are revolutionizing how we think about fabrics. Join me as I learn all about the crazy yet fabulous world of functional fibers!



Today's guests; Prof. Yoel Fink, Dr. Tural Khudiyev, Gabriel Loke, and Juliette Alain.

For more about the research discussed on this show, check out the Fibers@MIT and AFFOA websites.

You can see these fabulous functional fibers in action and marvel as they lift weightsplay classical music, and of course glow!

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