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Episode 2: Nature meets Nanomedicine, Part 1 ft. David Medina

July 15, 2020

“Size doesn’t matter”. At least, not when it comes to the field of nanotechnology! In today’s first ever two part episode, I meet with graduate student David Medina from the Webster Nanomedicine Lab at Northeastern University, to learn about all the fantastic work he's doing to use nanomedicine to help treat a whole range of bacterial infections. While he's tackling the challenges of obtaining a PhD, David has used his unique skill sets in chemistry and biology to introduce a new division to Northeastern called the Green Chemistry Lab, where he and other students use naturally inspired materials like fruit, milk, and even actual bacterial cells to make nanoparticles!

Come listen to hear about the amazing world of green nanotechnology, and join me as I learn about how small a nanometer really is, how artists from the 4th century used gold and silver nanoparticles to make art, how bacteria cells deal with toxic relationships, what bacteria poop looks like, how you can use groceries for nanomedicine, what a durian fruit is and why you can't bring it on public transport, and what it means to be green in nanotechnology!



Today's Guest: David Medina Cruz: PhD Student in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University

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