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Episode 3: It’s not Sci-Fi, it’s Ultrasound!

February 3, 2021

Can you feel the vibrations in the air? It’s the sweet sound waves of another episode of BOS Science! Join me as I talk to Dr. Chenguang Peng and Professor Tyrone Porter of the Nanomedicine and Medical Acoustics Lab, and learn all about their amazing work using ultrasound!


In today’s episode you’ll learn; what ultrasound actually is, how bats use ultrasound to hunt and fly, what are micro bubbles, why ultrasound marks them sing and dance, how they can be used to create maps of the brain, what vibrating crystals can be used for, why nano-emulsions are basically transformers, how they can blow up tumors, what math shows about diversity and problem solving, how to use laser beams to grab and move molecules, and what is the perfect hot dog to bun ratio.



Today's Guests:

Dr. Chenguang Peng; Post Doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School

Professor Tyrone Porter; Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University
of Texas Austin

Previous Positions/Titles:

  • Associate Professor Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
  • Co-Director for NIH-funded Translational Research in Biomaterials Program

  • Associate Director for the Nanotechnology Innovation



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