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Episode 4: Robots, Structures, & Art (Oh My!), Part 2 ft. Prof Katia Bertoldi

September 2, 2021

*Beep Boop* This is your robot host *Morp* Bringing you another episode *Bap* of BOS Science *Zeep*


Dust off your circuits and oil your gears, because it's officially time to listen to Part 2 of the long awaited interview with the Bertoldi Lab of "Material and Structures by Design"! Not only does this episode bring you answers to the listener questions you've been dying to hear, but it also features my interview with the head of the lab Professor Katia Bertoldi herself!


In today's episode you'll learn; how tiny robots can dance and roll powered by nothing but a light beam, why snake robots are going to one day terrorize Martians, how kirigami can be used for fashion and function, the many ways a buckling actuator robot can be used, why blowing up robots can actually be useful, and how to enjoy Boston during the winter.



Today's guest:

Professor Katia Bertoldi; William and Ami Kuan Danoff Professor of Applied Mechanics at Harvard University.




Today's episode is brought to you in part thanks to the support of BOS Science's first ever patrons; Mark Ingalls, Chris Micheli, Catherine Ingalls, and Brittany Pack!


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