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Sound-Byte 4: Mars

October 28, 2021

Mars rover, mars rover, send your Boston science over! Join me in another exciting BOS Science Sound Byte episode as I explore the amazing planet Mars and how Boston scientists have left their mark all over the red planet.


In today's episode, you'll learn; Why we call mars the red planet; How an optical illusion inspired the belief of life on mars; What it takes to keep Matt Damon alive on Mars; Where is the best place to look for life on mars; How to make a sexy scientific mission name; Who is using data from Martian satellites to understand climate change; Why scientists are working in lava tubes to prepare for mars missions; And who's the best dancer: robot dogs or K-pop singers?




Today's episode is brought to you in part thanks to the support of BOS Science's patrons; Mark Ingalls, Chris Micheli, Catherine Ingalls, and Brittany Pack!


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