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Listener Questions: Bertoldi Material and Structure Lab

December 12, 2020

Cause baby all I want for Christmas… is your Listener Questions! You guys know the drill; before my next set of BOS Science interviews, I tell you guys a little about the research these wicked smaht scientists are working on, and you guys come up with your very own questions that I'll ask the guests on the show!


Next up I'll be talking with Professor Katia Bertoldi and graduate student David Mélançon of the Bertoldi Lab of "Material and Structures by Design" at Harvard University. To get you ready for their interviews, I'm going to tell you a little about their fascinating research on Metamaterials and Soft Robotics!


What does that look like? How about computer algorithm generated programmable structures? Or maybe some bio-inspired, flexible robots that can crawl and even dance? I promise, these topics are going to blow you away, and if you're anything like me, you'll have a million questions to ask by the end of the episode.


Make sure to send me your questions by Midnight (E.S.T), of Saturday December 19th to have a chance to hear your name and question read on the show. I love ALL QUESTIONS, complex or simple, genius or stupid; each one is a gift I treasure forever. You can send your question to, and make sure to check out the shows Instagram, twitter, or Facebook to see pics of the awesome stuff talked about in today's episode.


What better way than to share some of that holiday joy, than with a listener question? I can tell you know, it would definitely make my season bright <3



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