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Sound-Byte 2: PRIDE in STEM

July 24, 2020

Get your rainbow flags out and get excited for the second ever Sound-Byte episode of BOS Science! It doesn't have to be PRIDE month to share and celebrate the many wonderful ways the LGBTQ+ community make our whole world better, especially when it comes to the world of STEM.


Being a scientist is amazing and challenging, but being openly queer in STEM can be even more immensely challenging, as most of the scientists we hear about in history or encounter in our daily lives identify as cis and straight. But even if it doesn't seem like it, there are so many AMAZING queer scientists out there making our world a better place!


In today's episode, I'm going to be highlighting 7 absolutely wicked smaht scientists who are all making huge waves in the world of STEM, and who are all proud members of the LGBTQ+ community. There's nothing that these queer scientists cant do, whether it's studying how to design proteins to fight off viral infections, using transplanted pancreas cells to cure type 1 diabetes, cultivating native plant species in local parks, and even cutting up DNA to cure genetic disorders! I hope you all enjoy this not-so-mini sound byte episode, and are inspired to reach out and learn more about the many amazing LGBTQ+ scientists working in STEM today.



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I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to all the LGBTQ+ scientists who agreed to be featured on today's show! 


Evans Wralstad; Chemical Biology Scientist studying RNA Proteins to fight viral infections
 • Instagram: @evans.wralstad
 • Email:


Katherine Brainard; Horticulturist managing native plant species in public park in Boston
 • Instagram: @wanderingkatherine


Han Spinner; Protein Engineer developing the worlds best CRISPR systems for genetic diseases
 • Instagram: @pl.han.t
 • Twitter: @bellspinner
 • Email:


Lucas Carstensen; Neuroscientist working to understand spatial navigation and memory
 • Twitter & instagram @lc_carstensen
 • Email:


Emma Snyder; Future genetic counselor and clinical research assistant focusing on Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome

• Instagram: @emmasnyder


Tré Artis; Biomedical Scientist focusing on epigenetic changes in DNA and relation towards blood diseases.
 • Website:
 • Instagram: @tre_artis
 • Twitter: @iamtreartis


Maria; Immuno-Engineer researching transplanted pancreas cells ability to effect hormone secretion

Organizations for Queer Scientists:

Queer in Stem:


Out in Stem (oSTEM):


NOGLSTP: National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals Inc.


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